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While we do not want to look back at 2020, but as we do, we realize that it has been a watershed year in the history of people, work, and most importantly HR. The year not only brought about a radical shift across all facets of business and companies, but also catapulted HR to that coveted table it has been vying to get a seat at, for many decades. As HR leaders played a pivotal role in spearheading their organizations through the uncertainty, stress, and change, they developed and defined a new core set of skills which is going to be a prerequisite of emerging HR leaders in the second year of the pandemic and beyond.

It is these very visionary and talented HR leaders that the People Matters Are you in the List 2021 Awards which is in its 10th year of running aims to recognize- the new generation of HR leaders who rose to the challenge of 2020 and became the answer to the challenges in the People and Work space and have redefined HR for the future HR leaders.

The awards will endeavor to identify a handful of such talent powerhouses who successfully charted the course of future for their organizations amidst all the crises, risk and disruptions that ensued in the year of the pandemic.

  • Do you think you are one of those torchbearers who can go through the grind and emerge victorious as the leader of tomorrow?
  • Do you think you are the answer to this quest of a future leader who can lead the change in 2021 and beyond?

Then People Matters Are you in the List 2021 awards is the right stage for you-as it has been for the last 10 years, identifying the emerging HR leaders of tomorrow who can rise to the challenges of the future.

Who Can Apply?

The applicant should fall in the age group of 26-35

Should have a minimum experience of 3 years in HR.

Should be working in HR role while applying

Should not be a past applicant in the initiative for more than 3 years

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Past winners are not allowed to reapply for Are You in the List 2021 Awards. **

Application process

Stage 1
Stage 1

1A (Online Application)
28th Jan – 14th Apr
Candidates register online by submitting their details and by following the online application process.

1B (Application Form)
28th Jan – 18th Apr Applicants would be taking the Online Application test

Result announcement: 19th Apr
Stage 2
Stage 1

Cognitive Ability test
19th Apr – 04th May
Cognitive ability test will follow for eligible candidate which is a tool for online assessment of one’s cognitive ability as it relates to success on the job. The qualified candidates will proceed to stage 3 of the Awards process.

Result announcement: 06th May
Stage 3
Stage 3

Leadership Potential Early Identifier (LPEI)
07th May – 17th May
Spotting the right leader potential based on people’s skills, personality traits , and motivational fit improves our chances of ensuring that we identify and reward the best HR leaders the industry has. It is for identifying that the potential have been adapted to a three-factor model: Achieve, Lead, and Grow. Each of these factors includes skills, personality traits, and motivational fit components that predict the growth and effectiveness of prospective leaders in different performance domains.

Result announcement: 24th May
Stage 4
Stage 3

Leadership Assessment (Manager Ready)
25th May – 03rd June
The shortlisted candidates undergo online Leadership Assessment. This is a tool to identify the candidate's readiness to take managerial roles. The top candidates from this assessment will further proceed to stage 4 of the Awards process.

Result announcement: 18th June
Stage 4
Stage 4

5A Video Interview Round
22th June – 29th June
The shortlisted candidates will be required to record their video, answering pre-determined questions on the video platform to assess whether the applicants display the required competencies for which the automated interviewing process is used.

Stage 5B

5B Background Verification
29th June – 15th July
The shortlisted cadidates will undergo a thorough background verification process. This stage will determine the authenticity of the documents shared by the candidates, and only the vetted finalists will then move on to the next stage.

Result announcement: 19th July
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Stage 5
Stage 5

Business Case Study
20th July – 28th July
In order to further assess skills required to be a successful HR Leader, we will evaluate selected individuals on their business acumen by conducting a mini-assessment using a business case study method. This stage may also include a personality inventory which measures attributes or tendencies that can either enhance or derail one’s leadership effectiveness.

Cumulative Scores of all the previous stages will be considered for rejection
Stage 6
Stage 6

Virtul Face off with the Panel
04th Aug – 12th Aug
This stage will sight a virtual meeting of the Jury with the finalists which will lead to identifying the Emerging Future HR Leaders.

Result announcement: 16th Aug
Stage 8
Stage 8

Awards & Recognition
03rd Sep, Online
The selected Top Emerging Future HR Leaders will be recognized in a formal event in the presence of HR veterans of the country.

Are you in the list Jury 2021


Jury for this initiative is invited on the basis of their experience, business acumen and expertise. They are independent and receive no personal or financial benefit from their participation. People Matters work to make sure that we have only the most qualified people selecting our Winners at each stage of the competition. You can learn more about them by clicking on their photo.


  • Rohit Kapoor +

    Rohit Kapoor

    CEO - India & South Asia , OYO

  • Kamal Bali +

    Kamal Bali

    President and MD , Volvo Group India

  • Venkataraman S. V. +

    Venkataraman S. V.

    Managing Director , ANZ

  • Aruna Jayanthi +

    Aruna Jayanthi

    Managing Director, Asia Pacific and Latin America , Capgemini

  • Shiv Shivakumar +

    Shiv Shivakumar

    Group Exec. President- Corporate Strategy & Business Development , Aditya Birla Group

Partners 2021


Presenting Partner

DDI is a global leadership consulting firm that helps organizations hire, promote and develop exceptional leaders. From first-time managers to C-suite executives, DDI is by leaders’ sides, supporting them in every critical moment of leadership. Built on five decades of research and experience in the science of leadership, DDI’s evidence-based assessment and development solutions enable millions of leaders around the world to succeed, propelling their organizations to new heights.

Click Here for more Information about DDI

Video Interview Partner

Devcurate is a leading career innovation and social impact ecosystem. We help organizations meet the right talent faster with our leading-edge sourcing and screening solutions. With our asynchronous video interviewing tool, VANDA, hiring teams can now automate highly time-consuming tasks and onboard the right candidates in a fraction of time.

Click Here for more Information about Devcurate

Authentication Partner

AuthBridge is India’s largest Authentication company, delivering cutting edge technology & alternate data analysis for Identity Management, Onboarding & Verification and Business Intelligence.

Click Here for more Information about AuthBridge

Are you in the list winners 2020


  • Harleen Sodhi +

    Harleen Sodhi

    Practice Lead - HR, Infosys Ltd.

  • Malvika Assija +

    Malvika Assija

    Manager - Human Resources, Nestle India Ltd.

  • Monalisha +


    Senior Manager, Flipkart

  • Noopur Bhandari +

    Noopur Bhandari

    HR Business Partner, Signify Innovations India Limited

  • Rajat Sethi +

    Rajat Sethi

    Lead - Performance, Rewards & Organization Design, Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail Limited

  • Sakshi Gupta +

    Sakshi Gupta

    Director - Human Resources, Grail Insights Pvt Ltd

  • Shivani Nehru +

    Shivani Nehru

    HR, Cisco

  • Steffina Lincy +

    Steffina Lincy

    Deputy General Manager, HR, Reliance Industries Ltd.

  • Swati Panigrahi +

    Swati Panigrahi

    Manager - Learning and Development, Titan Company Limited

  • Yamini Koganti +

    Yamini Koganti

    Assistant Vice President , Swiggy




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